About me

This blog is inspired by the many experiences I have accumulated over the years. Each article grew from a success, failure, discussion, or random thoughts while living my dream of bringing advanced materials to the world. I encourage active reading and for you to draw your own conclusions. Not everything here is good, in fact I assume these articles mostly serve as bad writing samples. But I hope at least one of these articles help guide and inspire you in your pursuit to change the world.

I started my career at the height of the nanotechnology boom. In early 2000 nanotechnology was a buzz words that drew massive amounts of investment and media attention. I was caught up in that hype and, unfortunately for me, never let it go.

My career has taken a number of tangents, but nanotechnology has always drawn me back and pushed me forward. It’s weird, I know. Along the way, however, I have lived and am living many of the problems other advanced materials startups face. I welcome you on this journey with me.